Punk Music and the people that listen to it


Punk music was born out of rebellion. From struggling economies and against the mainstream, Punk music evolved. Artists like Ramones and Sex Pistols seemed to sculpt what the music genre ‘punk’ would be. Although some would argue that behind Jim Morrison’s lyrics, were more of a punk attitude. There is no argument really on the fact that Ramones, stooges and other early 60’s garage-rock bands were early forms of punk rock and helped lay down the foundations for future bands. For many bands wanting to sound “punk”, the basics would be to just play fast and loud…and likely no more than 3 chords, haha.


But what about new age punk music? After the Ramones came legendary punk bands from Black flag, Discharge, Subhumans, Crass, Aus-Rotten and as such that embraced the ideology of “anarchism” as a discipline in their music. It was loud, Fast, obnoxious and I loved it! “punk” is not just anarchy, anarchy is punk! Anarchy can fit into many people’s beliefs of punk, but no matter what your personal style of punk is, anarchy can be incorporated into it. You can’t say that all ‘punks’ believe that anarchy is the right way to go. Different forms of anarchy can be implied, but it’s usually the ignorant people that have to get a book definition of it that follow… The way I see it is if you have to defend your position on what you think you are, then you’re insecure about it and you really don’t have anything to argue about. Today, we have bands that are less Apolitical and more libertarian/feministic artists that sound more like the beach boys than the sex pistols. Adding more than 3 chords and introducing a new era of music that includes saxophones and pianos.




Oh, look! it’s me! ^^^

In my opinion, punk is punk. I prefer the classics like Black Flag, Buzzcocks, or Dead Kennedys but I refuse to judge the new millennium’s version of punk. Some die-hards would even go as far as to put a label on these new aspiring punk bands and punk listeners to follow the word “poser”. And you know what? I really dislike the word “poser”. It’s another attempt set down by the Xian(Christian) society to put everyone into labels. Punk is a lifestyle and not just a music genre. Punk was an attitude that was formed through and by music. Most people justify their beliefs on the “punk” lifestyle that really is the Hollywood commercialized version. For example, the color pink is an attitude, musical movement of a free form society with no outer limitations! In actuality, there is no definition of punk, by doing so (defining punk) we are just stereotyping them into the categories they so despise. Because like X-Ray Spex says “I am a poseur and I don’t care”.


So, Stop calling everyone else poser just because of their beliefs, music taste or whatever is different from yours! And don’t you dare bring your conformist beliefs into our individual, self-righteous, free-form thought!

If someone was to take my ideas of “punk” and turn it into a movie, it would just be another of someone else’s own unique beliefs on the punk way of life.

Rebecca Blair



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