Tiny Troublemakers That Make Our Heart Melt

Children are a blessing but can also be little menaces. Any parent can certainly agree that children get into messes, cause problems in all sorts of areas like delaying schedules, feeding the dog chocolate or painting the walls with their own feces. But nonetheless, children are a miracle/blessing/wonderful little humans that WE made! They may disrupt our daily lives with their tendencies to explore, adventure, play and learn, but we love them no matter what and even encourage them to expand their horizons…as long as they’re not getting hurt in any way, of course. We teach our children how to walk, run and talk. we teach our children that broccoli is healthy and we attempt to convince them that they can not survive off of peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches alone. We teach these sweet angels that poop stays off of the walls, that glue is for making arts and crafts and not for eating, that the buttons on the microwave or on the stove are off-limits until they can read proficiently..and finally, that parents sometimes have careers that require the children to be occupied elsewhere, far from possible interruption. This video had me laughing! it was quite adorable and I love how you can see the mixed expression of horror but amusement in the father’s face. “Robert Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, was giving a video interview with the BBC when his adorable but boisterous toddler daughter busted into his office. Kelly tried to keep his daughter out of the video while trying to maintain his composure, but she quickly became the star of the interview…until a baby busts into the room in a baby walker.”

I can’t help but laugh at the father’s expression but as a parent of a beautiful and clever 4-year-old, I can understand the pain of being put in a professional spot and having your child interrupt because they missed you. haha

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Rebecca Blair



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