An Extra-Terrestrial Discussion

In recent news, Scientists have found an entire solar system that could actually support life, finding seven planets that are actually in orbit abound a star! How cool is that?!

There is still more research that needs to be done with this exciting discovery but for now, they understand that 3 of the planets “appear” to be promising for living inhabitants. If the scientists can detect certain molecules in the atmosphere, then we can be more assured that aliens do exist! Even if its about 39 light years away.


For some of us, though, we don’t need any more assurance that aliens exist and to add, that there are many different assumed species. From Reptoids to the Greys, the imagination is running wild to what type of species of aliens could inhabit this new solar system. I personally think that if aliens were to inhabit this newly discovered solar system that they have already know about us and would be observing us, as we are observing them.  Some would also question that if aliens are aware of us, then why haven’t they visited us? Or if they visited us, why are they hiding?  In one perspective, If you have ever driven down a bad neighborhood and saw the type of horrible things that go on in those parts of town, you would probably just drive right past the neighborhood without a second guess to stop. So perhaps that’s what aliens do when they fly by earth?


Another thought is that maybe aliens haven’t visited us because, in their eye, we are not exactly a peaceful species. Maybe they would rather wait until they are certain that we pose no threat to them? Maybe that is why there are stories and rumors of people being abducted as well, that we are used as cases of study. If we found extra-terrestrial life, wouldn’t we seize the opportunity to study and observe them as well.


So in conclusion to the discovery of this new and exciting solar system, We know that some planets look inhabitable and the orbit is around a star, mimicking our own. Will alien existence be a good thing? I wonder how our society now a days would accept any extra-terrestrial life forms.


If you encountered an Alien, what question(s) would you ask of them?

Rebecca Blair



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