Eerie Entities: The Black-Eyed Children want you to “let them in”.


“Knock, knock”. Whatever you do, don’t invite them in.

A Phenomenon of an eerie entity known as “the black eyed children” has been a popular topic since the 90’s due to the sightings and occurrences. These mysterious black-eyed children often show up at the homes of unsuspecting residents or when adults are alone in their car.

The descriptions given on these Black-eyed children are consistent. Stating that the children appear to be between the ages of 6 and 16. Most children are barefoot or pale, wearing clothing that are baggy and unkempt. The most prominent description would be their eyes. By their given name “Black-eyed children”, they have no trace of white in their eyes, no iris, just totally black. When the children speak, it is usually in a monotone voice and they often repeat phrases like an actor saying lines in a play.  “let me in” or “is it food time” are just a couple of examples that people experienced.


Another popular statement given by people that had run into/witnessed these black-eyed children was their change in perception.  People claimed that they had an overwhelming sense of fear and nervousness, like they knew something wasn’t right.

David Weatherly wrote a book about the black-eyed children in 2012. I personally own a copy of his book, and I know that he includes interviews and stories from other people in his book. Weatherly was also personally interviewed several years after his book was released, stating

“There have been a number of people who have experienced strange electronic phenomena while reading the Black Eyed Children, or otherwise researching the subject.”

During my research in the last 4 days, I can actually say that I also experienced “Electronic Phenomena”.  The two computers that I accessed for research, either slowed down immensely, started glitching and playing music or advertisements from no known sites active in the tab bar. Talk about weird.

Some theories going around is that these Black-Eyed Children are Alien-human hybrids, or that they’re are actually just lost souls haunting the earth, but the most popular theory seem to be that they’re demonic beings will the ability to curse you if you let them into your personal space.

The stories told usually go like this:

-You’re alone in your house

-You hear a steady knock on your door (which is weird because you have a doorbell people often use)

-You get an overwhelming sense of fear/uneasiness

-You cautiously check the door, even though its in the middle of the night

-Surprise! A weird ass kid(s) is on your doorstep (seriously? Wtf)

– You probably think to yourself, “poor kid(s), I wonder what they’re doing outside at this time of night and all alone, they must be in some sort of trouble”

– you open the door.

  • If you let them in, You are most likely going to die soon or experience horrible luck.

– the kid(s) try to convince you to let them in. Either with demands or excuses. “our parents are worried about us” or “we need to use your phone” or “we are lost and cold, please let us in” or even the bold ones may say “you will invite us in”


(whatever you do, don’t let those demonic alien hybrid miniature humans in)

Some people will call the police, lock their doors and Grab a weapon in case the children return. And some unfortunate people will let them in. (those kids can be awfully convincing).

“Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.” -Dale Carnegie

Yeah, still scared.

As soon as you let them in, Your life is supposed to change. A lot of reports claim that illness is most popular after inviting the children in. A woman’s husband supposedly died of an unexpected, vigorous skin cancer, 6 months after the incident. Call it irony or what you will, but he wasn’t the only one that was diagnosed with cancer after the incident. Which is another interesting theory, the “Moon-Burn”. Moon-burn, supposedly emits radiation. It is the idea of radiation burns in the presence of “aliens” or alien spacecraft. whoa, that’s weird.

Researching this topic has been so much fun and interesting, that now I can’t get enough. I’m also jumping at the sound of weird noises coming from outside of my house. HAH!

Check out these awesome stories of encounters:!topic/alt.folklore.ghost-stories/sYKKEkeUrGs

Becca Blair



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